Duration: 2 weeks | Team: 4

During the Summer, before my internship at AT&T, I worked as a freelance Interaction Designer at Russsh in Mumbai. Russsh is a startup that helps people conduct point-to-point deliveries anywhere within and around Mumbai city. The company was previously called Get My Peon (GMP). In India, a peon is considered a very crucial member of any workplace. He is a handy helper without whom a lot of tasks would be extremly difficult to complete. Because the word "peon" means different things in different cultures they decided to change the name from GMP to Russsh, which is more universally relevant.

They describe themselves as follows:
“Book a Task from the comfort of your home using your laptop or pick up your smartphone and whatsapp us to schedule a pick up and delivery of literally anything that is Legal!”

During the Summer, Russsh decided to re-vamp their app by expanding features and making it more user friendly. They needed an interaction designer to help them redesign existing features and conceptualize new ones. They wanted an app that functioned like Uber but for deliveries.

Conceptualization, Interaction design and visual design


For the duration that I worked with them, I interacted with the Product owner, the investor, a color therapist, a business analyst and developers. We all sat together to discuss the project in detail and understand how the app could be transformed whilst retaining its current functionality.

The original app – Get My Peon

What we designed

The main change that was incorporated in Russsh is the use of maps to get an idea of how far the delivery guy is. Using this map, the customer can set his location and track his delivery by the minute. This version of the app was meant to look more simple and sleek and enable customers to navigate the app with just a few swipes and clicks, without having to manually enter a lot of information. We wanted the app to be intuitive and easy to navigate so that users of all ages and technical expertise can use it.

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